Lots of us have cute, fluffly squirrels in our backyard. They can even be fun to watch from the windows as they scurry about looking for food and burying their treasures. They even have some pretty cool habits. Did you know that about 25% of their buried nuts get stolen? As a result, squirrels have learned to fake their nut burying. They pretend to bury a cache of nuts just to throw potential thieves off track.

But as cute as they can be, there are some good reasons to call squirrel control or an animal and rodent removal company and get these little critters out of your yard (and possibly your house). Here are a few things to consider:

They Bring Pests and Disease With Them

Squirrels, on average, don’t even make it to four years old. They succumb to disease long before that and play host to ringworm, fleas, and disease-carrying ticks. If they’re all over your backyard, then the chances that your kids or your dogs will pick up one of these issues just got a lot higher. Call for squirrel removal and get rid of them.

They Rip Up Your Trees

The little darlings just love to chew on bark, and they’ll tear great strips off over time. These destructive animals don’t care what your trees look like. While your older and bigger trees can probably handle their work (though you might not like the new design when the squirrels are done), saplings and smaller trees can be killed.

They Steal Food

If you’re trying to grow any kind of garden, or if you have nut or fruit trees in your yard, squirrels will make off with your produce before you ever get a taste. If you don’t do call an animal and rodent removal company to do something about it when you see the first few, your yard will get a reputation as the local buffet, and pretty soon all your squirrels’ friends and family will be joining them for dinner.

They Destroy Flowers and Plants

Because the squirrels are constantly digging for food, or to bury it, they’re quite likely to dig up your bulbs and plants. They especially love digging in flower gardens because all your mulching and weeding efforts result in lovely soil that’s easy for them to dig into. If your garden is starting to look torn up, call an animal and rodent removal company and get rid of the pests.

They Can Even Damage Your Home

Your home is nice and cozy, especially in the winter, and don’t worry: the squirrels have noticed. They’ll use tree limbs and power lines to enlarge any little hole they find in your house and set up camp in your attic. Not only are they ripping out your insulation to make their nests, but they’re also bringing fleas and other pests into your house. They don’t get electricity, either, so they’re likely to chew right through wires and cables if those wires are where they want to go.

You Can’t Easily Get Rid of Them Yourself

As destructive as these little pests can be, you really want to call an animal and rodent removal company to get rid of them for you. You want humane squirrel removal, right? Those poisons and traps can be anything but, and if you’re poisoning squirrels that are actually living in your home, then they’re dying in your walls. That will create a lovely smell.

If you have unwanted rodents like squirrels all over your yard and home, don’t just let them stay. Call an animal and rodent removal company today and get rid of them before they ruin your trees, your garden, your home, and your life.

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