Laminate flooring ideas for stairs

Your local design center has a multitude of floor covering ideas available for your consideration.

Carpeting installation has proven to be a popular choice. In the U.S., it covers some 70% of all flooring. Of the most common carpeting types, wool or wool blend, which is usually 80% wool and 20% acrylic, are considered ideal because of their durability and the ease with which they can be dyed. According to manufacturers, you can expect 10 years of wear from your carpeting installation as long as you provide it with proper care. If staining occurs, be sure to treat it quickly (the first couple of days) with one of the many cleaning agents sold for that purpose. The problem will be resolved 99% of the time.

Hardwood flooring has the advantage of not harboring dust mites or mold. That’s important in homes where residents suffer from allergies, which affect about 40 million Americans. You have a choice of hardness, from red walnut and Brazilian teak on the high end down to softer options such as pine and fir. One survey of homeowners reported that 34% either have or plan to have hardwood floors.

As an alternative to hardwood, there are many laminate flooring ideas that might suit you. Or, if it works with your style and decor, look at the tile flooring options on display.

In some situations, a simple, rugged linoleum flooring installation might be perfect for your home. It’s a testament to its durability that you can often get a warranty on it for up to 25 years. It’s not unusual for a linoleum floor to last 40 years or more. Or, have you thought about cork? A quality cork floor can remain viable for as long as 30 years.

Carpeting installation
will probably remain the number one choice in most environments, but these days there’s an ever-growing array of attractive options available to interior designers and homeowners.

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