Updated: 2/7/2022

If you want a swimming pool, you need to know what kinds of expenses to expect both during and after the installation. The needs of your pool will depend on the type you get. An above-ground pool is generally cheaper but might require specific maintenance. So, make sure you get as much information as possible before you purchase anything.

Look at your yard and decide if a big round pool would work best or if it should be another shape. Above-ground swimming pool manufacturers can create pools in different shapes and sizes. So, if your yard is small, you still have some options.

Look for above-ground pool specials as you begin your plans. If you buy a pool on sale, you can save some money upfront. That money can then go in the bank for swimming pool repairs, leaving you more prepared for the inevitable problems that will show up. Pools require regular maintenance. If you don’t provide it, you’ll end up with more repairs than you expect. So if you want to save money and keep your pool working correctly, take good care of it.

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Pool cleaning is a hassle. It’s a lot of work in order to keep up a swimming pool. Even worse, it’s year round. You have to keep working on it constant to maintain that piece of entertainment and sometimes exercise, and quite frankly it sometimes doesn’t feel worth it. That’s why a local pool cleaning service is such a blessing. If you don’t feel like doing the work to maintain your swimming pool than you can hire a pool cleaning service to do it. But in case you do want to work on weekly maintenance, here’s a list of the many steps to cleaning your pool.

  1. Skim Off Leaves and Debris
    This is the step you usually see on tv shows and movies because when people talk about the pool boy or pool cleaning. You have to buy and own a long-handled leaf skimmer and with you you must collect any kind of debris that falls into the water. This could be anything from leaves to insects. Remember, you gotta regularly do this every week.
  2. Brush
    Next, it’s important to keep up appearances if you don’t have pool service. Make sure you have a brush on hand to swipe away any of the debris talked about earlier that may have gotten on the poolside area. Also, have one that you can use under the pool that can brush any of the debris that sunk the bottom. You don’t have to pick it up, just brush it towards the closest vacuum.
  3. Vacuum
    Speaking of vacuums! That’s right, you’ve got to do that too. Swimming pool cleaning means making sure there’s nothing floating in the water, so make sure to vacuum up any kind of left over dirt or substances. Carefully use the head of the vacuum to suck up all that you can in the water and then when you think you’re done you’ve got to throw it into the filter by attaching the machine.
  4. Clean Skimmer(s)
    Next, if you don’t have a local pool cleaning service you also have to keep up with your pool’s skimmer. That’s right, you have to clean the thing you use to clean and you have to do it weekly at the least. But in its defense this is the wall skimmer and not the long-handled one. It’s like an fan filter in that way. Cleaning up that tool means that you can properly clean your pool. Or, you know, you could get a service to do both.
  5. Check Water Circulation
    As stated earlier, the wall skimmer is like the filter to the air filtration in a house. The pool’s circulation system works in a similar way. And just like with the air filtration, you have to be mindful of the water circulation in your pool. This is to make sure that the chemicals, the next point on this list, are working well and keeping the pool clean and safe. You have to repeatedly check the circulation in order to make sure that your pool is in top condition.
  6. Shock
    Make sure that you are sure all the physical components of the water is working. That means you’ve got to constantly go over the water by testing it. If you use your pool enough this could be a daily task. If there is a problem with the water you might have to add chemicals to it. I know that sounds bad, but it’s really to keep the pool clean.

    Also, look up how to carry out a shock treatment. This is a trick that’ll keep your water clean of fungi, bacteria, and all kinds of other dirt that you don’t want in the water. Such a task may be confusing at first, but once you keep doing it weekly you’ll get the hang of it. ‘Cause once again, you’ve got to do this repeatedly. Again and again. Or, you could hire an experienced local pool cleaning service. Your choice.

Cleaning swimming pools is a hassle. You have to work at it constantly and weekly during the warmer months. Is it worth it? Maybe. But, if you hire a local pool cleaning service you won’t have to even ask yourself that question. You can skip over the hassle and just enjoy your wonderful pool.

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