Backsplash tile

Designing your house is one of the most enjoyable parts about being a homeowner. You can add all sorts of personality to your living room by shaking up the color scheme, create a real sense of style by adjusting your bedroom’s layout and create a whole new feel by adding little accessories to your kitchen. With all these possibilities, however, it can be easy to become overwhelmed. Knowing where to start is half the battle! Below are some quick and easy tips to start overhauling your home and giving it the personal touch it’s been lacking, from adding an ornate backsplash to your shower wall or ceramic tile flooring to your kitchen.

Check Out Popular Choices, But Don’t Limit Yourself

Get started by seeing what everyone else is into. Glass shower enclosures are one of the most popular choices for modern American homeowners, preferred by a majority 80% in a recent survey, and offer a fantastic blend of classy and familiar. Another survey conducted by Houzz found 60% of homeowners saying they plan on remodeling their master bedroom in the very near future. Not sure if this is quite your taste? Never fear. Your home is a reflection of you and, thus, should have your feelings taking center stage.

Remove Any Nagging Issues For A Better Home Experience

Work, school and day-to-day obligations can make it very easy to neglect the little things. This can result in your tiles becoming worn out, your furniture no longer matching and your home feeling more dismal than it’s ever been. According to a National Association Of Home Builders survey, bathroom remodeling is easily the most requested home renovation job in the United States — it accounts for nearly 80% of renovations and includes everything from adding an ornate backsplash for style to fixing missing tiles.

Keep In Mind Practical Long-Term Solutions

You likely want to renovate your home to give it more visual punch and make it feel more like, well…a home! There’s no harm in looking ahead, however, and seeing what benefits you can accrue well down the road. A minor kitchen remodel has been found to have an average ROI (short for return on investment) of nearly 83%. That’s pretty impressive for a touch-up! If you’re thinking of selling your home sometime in the future, tuck this in your mental pocket for safekeeping.

Know Your Space Before You Place

While this isn’t the most enjoyable part, it’s necessary to make sure you don’t have a meager result after all your hard work. Keep in mind the PEI rating for tiles — this indicates how strong they are as well as how much wear they can take over time and what they can generally stand up to. A PEI class rating of 1, for example, means the tile is exclusively for walls where they won’t be interacted with much. A rating of 5, on the other hand, indicates a durability that can withstand even the heaviest of foot traffic. An ornate backsplash is usually lighter, though this can change depending on the brand.

Perfectionism Is The Enemy Of Greatness

Worried it won’t turn out quite how you like? Not sure if an ornate backsplash is really what you’re looking for? The only way to find out is to take the plunge. Homeowners generally benefit the most from PEI classes of 2 for bathroom walls and bathroom floors alongside PEI class 3 for countertops and light foot traffic. Porcelain tiles, in particular, are fired at a temperature between 2200 to 2500 degrees Fahrenheit to create the most stain resistant and dense floor tile. Glass tile backsplash patterns and mosaic pool tiles run the gamut of simple to elaborate, making it easier than ever to create any design that comes to mind. A beautiful home isn’t just a pleasant addition — it should be the end result of all your hard work.

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