When you’re decorating your home, you’ll likely be painting it as well, as paint is one of the great ways to make any place look newer and brighter – without spending too much money on extensive renovations projects. You’ll likely want to answer a number of questions first, however. For instance, what is wall primer? Asking basic questions such as what is wall primer is a great way to get started on your journey of redecoration, even if questions like what is wall primer might feel a bit silly. Aside from asking the question of what is wall primer, you’ll want to pick the right color for your home as well.

Choosing a color for your home is just as important as figuring out the answer to the question of what is wall primer, if not even more so. After all, the color of your home can impact the entire feel of your home – especially if you are looking to put it up for sale. After all, even just painting your bathrooms blue has been shown to be able to increase the final selling price of your home by as much as an unprecedented $5,400. And up to one third of all home owners now prefer neutral tones throughout much of the home, making these colors a good choice for a home that will be sold – hopefully soon – as well.

Aside from asking the question of what color you’ll paint your walls or even the question of what is wall primer, you’ll want to make sure that you’re choosing paint that is safe for your home as well. From paint for decks to paint safe for baby furniture, all types of paint coverage should be looked into before they are used. This is to avoid the use of VOCS – volatile organic compounds. Volatile organic compounds can be found in all types of paints, from porch and floor paint to wall pain to a masonry stain. But avoiding these volatile organic compounds is a matter of considerable importance.

After all, volatile organic compounds can lead to a number of health problems in people of all ages. In studies done on the children living in the top 25% of highest volatile organic compound concentrations, it was found that their chances of developing a variety of conditions had skyrocketed quite immensely. After all, they become more than 100% more likely to develop both eczema and asthma, and more than 300% more likely to develop rhinitis (often chronically, at that).

And adults are certainly not immune to the detriments of long term exposure to various volatile organic compounds. In another study, one that was conducted by the Syracuse center of excellence, it was found that office workers, when removed to an environmentally controlled environment for about a week, jumped in cognitive ability by a more than 100% collective amount. In their typical office, volatile organic compounds were found to be present throughout, proving just how detrimental these VOCs can really end up being.

However, there is a time and a place to worry about volatile organic compounds, and it comes around the same time asking questions such as what is primer and other such things. For once volatile organic compounds have been present for more than a year, they do begin to dissipate quite dramatically. However, you will still need to do everything you can to avoid them when it comes time to pick out paint again, be it paint for a clear coat or paint for a nursery.

Fortunately, VOC free paints – or paints that are at least low in volatile organic compounds as they can be – are becoming more and more popular all throughout the United State. After all, the demand for such paints is very much on the rise, and people all throughout the country are looking to make healthier choices than ever, as they have become more aware of environmental health hazards than ever before as well, not just in one part of the country but all throughout it as a whole.

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