Frederick commercial fence company

Think about the American dream. What do you see? A freshly mowed lawn, a blacktop driveway, and the pinnacle of American elegance, the white picket fence. You don’t have to have the perfect life to have the perfect yard, it’s easy when you have the perfect fence. There are so many different fence types to choose from, you’re sure to find fence styles that complement your home. Here are just a few of the different materials you can choose from for your brand new fencing.

Wood – A wooden fence is classic, simple, and looks great with any kind of home. You can have a wooden fence made to give your home and yard additional privacy, or you can have it made to show off your lovely yard and garden. A wooden fence will require additional care to prevent wet and dry rot, but that can be as easy as maintaining the posts and raking away any buildups of leaves, dirt, or any other debris.

Metal – A metal chain link fence can be a great choice for anyone who has a dog or small children, since it can allow them to peek out into the world without being able to necessarily escape out into it. Chain link fences are also great if you want to grow your garden through the links, giving your yard an urban but elegant feel.

Vinyl – A vinyl fence is good for outdoor fixtures like pools and hot-tubs, since they can resist the additional moisture that would have contributed to rot in a wooden fence. Vinyl fences can be made in endless different designs, and will be resistant to weather and water damage, as well as easy to clean. A vinyl fence will also help to keep any wandering intruders from crashing your pool in the middle of the night.

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