Any American home will have lighting inside of it, and lighting may come from ceiling lights and lamps alike. Lighting fixtures don’t have to be bare bulbs like in an old warehouse; rather, today’s homeowners can choose from a pendant light, wrought iron lights, wrought iron sconces, and more. A wrought iron sconce may imitate a wall-mounted torch sconce for looks, and pendant lights may hang from the ceiling in attractive frames. After all, any American homeowner would want the interior of their house to look its best, and a home’s interior can reflect the taste and personality of the owner. This ranges from rustic-style lamps to pendant lights and beyond, and lighting may be involved in the remodeling effort of a room or house. This can certainly include chandeliers and pendant lights.

Americans and Lighting For the Home

No one wants to sit in a dark room. Lighting is universal to American homes, and the only variables may be the style of lamp-s or fixtures and the types of bulbs involved. What do recent surveys and trends show about residential interior lighting today? As of 2016, Americans spent a lot on ceiling fixtures such as pendant lights and fans. On average, a person spent $70.89 on lamps, lighting fixtures, and even ceiling fans, and many Americans have interior remodeling plans in mind. A recent survey showed that 51% of all homeowners, just over half, are planning on starting or continuing home renovation projects in the year 2018. Similarly, a 2017 Houzz Landscape Trends Survey revealed that around 45% of landscaping projects involve outdoor lighting systems, showing that nice lighting is not just an indoor thing.

Lighting fixtures are of course needed for illuminating a room, but they can be stylish and integrate themselves into the overall visual theme of a room. Remodeling work is the act of changing a room’s appearance, utilities, and furniture to make it more appealing, and many homeowners choose to do this. Americans often reinvent rooms in their homes, but sometime they neglect to do this, and interior decoration professionals recommend that they start soon. A HomeGoods survey found that around 9% of Americans have not updated their home’s decor in over 10 years, and 47% of American homeowners, almost half, haven’t remodeled in about five years.

Why might someone update the look of their rooms, including the lighting fixtures? If a room is remodeled, from the furniture to the lighting, then it will have a fresh new aesthetic that the homeowner can enjoy, and that’s just on the short term. A house that has had remodeling work done, especially for permanent fixtures like lighting, can sell better. Many studies and trends show that a remodeled house can sell for a better price on the real estate market, and remodeled homes tend to sell faster, too. This can make remodeling an excellent investment for a homeowner, and rooms tend to generate a high ROI, or return on investment, because of this. Not only will the current homeowner enjoy new carpets and lighting fixtures, but the next homeowner will, too.

Lighting fixtures may vary in their shape, style, and size, and the bulbs may vary too. Traditional filament lights tend to burn out as their filaments wear out, but LED lights are often an attractive alternative both indoors and outdoors. These bulbs don’t even have filaments, and they shine brightly and put out a lot of lumens. They are popular for industrial use, but they can fit just as well into a suburban home as well, indoors and outdoors. LEDs are becoming more commonplace and are also energy-efficient, meaning that if enough home sand businesses install them, total energy usage may go way down. Billions of dollars might be saved every year if homes are getting their lighting needs satisfied from these power-efficient lighting arrays, and LEDs also offer the benefit of a long lifetime.

A customer may visit a local hardware store or home improvement store to find new lighting fixtures of any type that they like, and store associates may show them many different models according to taste. Themes such as rustic, art deco, traditional, and even international may be sought out as the homeowner likes. This can fresh a home’s look in no time.

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