Although we may not even think about it, we spend an astonishing amount of time in our bathrooms every day. Whether it’s ensuring our teeth are as white as can be or enjoying a luxurious bubble bath after a long day at the office, our bathrooms can easily be viewed as a safe haven. But, if you’re space is in dire need of some bathroom remodeling, you may detest even entering it.

When it comes to home renovations, your bathroom is teeming with potential, allowing you to experiment with a bathroom closet remodel or even a master bathroom expansion. As such, you and your loved ones are free to enjoy every inch of your bathroom, giving you the chance to truly elevate your entire home.

To discuss these bathroom remodel projects in more detail, this piece will offer a wealth of tips and tricks on how to make your dream bathroom a reality. Not to mention, this article will also go over some master bathroom must-haves as well as a bathroom renovation quote example so that you can give your space some added TLC without breaking your budget.

If you are planning a bathroom remodeling project, no matter how big or small it might be, there are likely some questions running through your mind. Many homeowners have questions about the average cost of new bathroom installation projects and the average cost to remodel bathroom with tile shower or other modernly advanced features and fixtures. There is a lot that has to be planned and carefully considered ahead of a new bathroom upgrade. An of course, for many people, one of the most vital things to consider is the overall costs involved.

You will need to make sure you have accurately gone over everything and have determined the average cost of new shower room and what all the materials and features and work will end up costing you by the time everything is done. The average cost to finish a bathroom can vary greatly because it is largely based on the size of your bathroom, what all you are having done, the materials you use, the features and accessories you include, and whether you are doing the project on your own or not.

From the shower remodel to the basement finishing project to the kitchen cabinet replacement, home renovation projects are incredibly common among home owners here in the United States. They can even be beneficial for a wide variety of reasons. For one, home renovations can simply just improve the quality of your home, improving your overall living experience and quality of life as a result. They can also be a great way to increase the overall resale value of your home, if and when you decide to place it on the market. If you’re planning on selling your home in the near future, home remodeling projects should be something that you seriously consider.

In the case of bathroom remodel projects, from the shower remodel to the toilet replacement, the results of remodeling can actually end up saving your energy, money, and the environment. This statement is backed up by the environmental protection agency – more commonly known as the EPA – which estimates that more than five percent (nearly ten percent) of all home owners in the United States upgraded their bathrooms to energy efficient appliances and equipment, up to one and half billion dollars worth of energy could be saved. On top of this already compelling information, as many as seventy billion gallons of water will also be saved.

And bathroom remodels like the shower remodel or even the tub to shower conversion can help to improve the safety of the bathroom area. After all, more than eighty percent (eighty one percent, to be more exact) of all slips and falls that occur within the home do so in the shower area or in the bathroom in general. For elderly people or those with a disability or mobility issue, a shower remodel can be particularly beneficial, as these populations of people are the ones considered to be particularly at risk. Data even backs this up, showing that an elderly person – someone who is over the age of sixty five – is treated in an emergency room somewhere in the United States for every eleven seconds that pass.

And by the time that just one year has passed, it is estimated by the National Institute on Aging that more than one third of all elders will have fallen at some point, be it in the home or outside of the home. Of falls that took place in the home, eighty percent can be directly linked to occurring in the bathroom. Incorporating shower bars in a shower remodel or even installing a permanent shower seat in said shower remodel can be incredibly helpful in improving the safety of the space by a drastic amount.

For these reasons and likely more, bathroom remodeling projects are taking off here in the United States, with data showing that bathroom renovations are the most common type of renovations pursued nowadays in the United States, more popular even than kitchen remodeling projects – which are plenty popular in their own right. Of those who are looking to fix up their bathroom with a bathroom remodeling project, a shower remodel will be one of the main priorities for more than eighty five percent of all home owners in this country – eighty seven percent to be more exact.

And a shower remodel can be as drastic or as pared back as the home owner would like. In some cases, the shower remodel will only involve minor changes, such as the switching out of the shower head. In other cases, it will be far more expansive, incorporating an entirely new shower, the space of the bathroom itself allowing, of course. Flooring and countertops are also often switched up, as are appliances like sinks and even cabinets, at least in the case of more than eighty percent of all bathroom remodeling projects.

No matter why you might choose to embark on a bathroom remodeling project, there are many sound and valid reasons to do so. In fact, simply wanting a newer and more updated bathroom is one such valid reason. After all, bathroom remodeling projects often incorporate many different aspects, from a shower remodel to the installation of a low flush toilet.

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