Bathroom sink vanity units

Picking any fixture involves a lot of thought, and the toilet is no different. Here are three things you should consider when choosing the kind of toilet you want to buy:

1. Pressurized Toilets are a Bit More Costly

This is possibly one of the deciding factors that might sway someone toward a gravity fed toilet. A pressurized toilet involves a complicated system of two separated tanks and compressed air whereas a gravity fed toilet works exactly the way the name would imply: gravity allows the water to flush away the waste when it is released. Because there is more tech involved with the pressurized toilet, it costs a bit more, so a thrifty person without a lot of liquid cash might choose the gravity fed toilet instead of the higher tech model. The modern toilets do cost a bit more

2. … But You Make That Money Back

While the higher tech toilet may cost a bit more to begin with, it pays for itself in no time. The pressurized toilet is a lot more efficient in its water usage, so it costs less to operate. In fact, the typical family could save between fifty or even one hundred dollars by simply switching to the more water efficient toilet. Depending on how expensive a model of toilet you go with, it could only take a few years for it to pay for itself and start saving you money. It isn’t just you that is saving though…

3. The Environment Saves That Way, Too!

While using a gravity fed toilet doesn’t cause the same harm as folks who have large whirlpool baths, those large whirlpool baths are a bit less insidious about the harm they are causing. Because they are less efficient, those toilets end up using a great deal more water and taking up valuable clean water that could go toward other purposes. Pressurized toilets do a much better job of saving water for you and for the environment. What do you think of them? More on this:

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