Chester homes

With an area of 289 square miles, Chester County was the last county formed in the state of Tennessee. It was founded in 1879. Something interesting about Chester County is that the movie “Walking tall” was filmed in 1973 in Henderson, Chester County’s largest city located 80 miles east of Memphis. Something people love about Chester county homes is its location. Chester County TN homes are surrounded by several rolling green acres of farmland and somewhat small towns and cities. The cities that make up Chester County include Silerton, Henderson, Sweet Lips, Enville, Deanburg, Jacks Creek, and Milledgeville.

Something interesting about Jacks Creek is that in 1937, there was once an emergency landing field there which was the second largest landing site for air craft in the United States. During World War 2, this landing field was used by the United States Army as a place to practice maneuvers. Jacks Creek, along with Deanburg and Sweet Lips are the only three cities in Chester County that are “unincorporated”, meaning that it is not governed by its own municipal corporation.

Something great about Chester homes is that when looking for property in this area with land, this county offers many homes with a lots of property space, which is ideal for farming. Many of Chester County homes, ranches and farmhouses are in foreclosure, so if you are looking to score a deal, you have chosen the best location.

Something else that might catch your eye when searching for a home to buy in this beautiful area is that there are six schools, making it an easy choice if you have children, and are looking for a small town with schools nearby. Chester County High School is the only school serving grades 9 to 12. As of 2012, the population for Chester County was about 17,200, so if you are looking to buy a home in a small quiet location, with friendly people and country charm, Chester County would be ideal for you. On top of all of these great features, Chester County also has a golf course and state park, giving you many options for summer activities when living in this area. So if you’re looking for property, a farmhouse, or a ranch, in a quiet location with friendly people and great schools, look no further. Chester County should be your number one stop.

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