Getting rid of trash can be a real problem, and there is no one-size-fits-all solution. That’s why a trash removal company works with its clients to find the easiest, cheapest, and quickest way to clear trash from a property.

There are plenty of waste disposal services LLC, and if you Google brush hauling services near me you’ll find plenty of people who have a truck and are willing to help you get rid of the trash in your yard. However, if you are trying to get rid of items like batteries, computers, cell phones, paint, or many other forms of trash most people have lying around, you might need specialized services.

The best junk removal franchise for you is one that meets your needs, with environmental disposal systems that meet all government regulations. You don’t want to take shortcuts with trash removal, for your sake as well as that of the planet.

Whether you want to clear the trash from your property by yourself, or you plan on working with a trash removal company, you’ll need to ask yourself these three questions on trash removal.


Trash removal is not one size fits all. Depending on where you are in the country and whether or not you are in a city or rural area, you will find different ways of handling garbage and trash removal.

What we all know for certain is the fact that trash has to be dealt with. What we also know as a society is that it must be dealt with responsibly so that our planet will be able to go on existing long after we are gone.

Trash removal and recycling affects every one of us. The average Americans will end up throwing away about 600 times their weight in garbage during the course of their lives. Since trash removal is such a big part of our lives, it would make sense to have some questions about what to do with certain things and what the process of trash removal really entails. Here are three common questions people have about trash removal.

1.) What do I do with hazardous things like batteries, motor oil, paint, and the like?

Basically, anywhere you go, paint and motor oil have to be completely dried with absorbent material before being taken for collection. You can take your car battery back to where you bought your new one. Even if you did not by the new battery from a dealer, they will usually accept old batteries for recycling.

Other types of household waste that might need special handling could be handled differently, depending on the local laws. If you have any doubts, call your municipal offices to make sure.

2.) How do I recycle my Christmas Tree?

In many counties in many states, there is some kind of municipal-endorsed curbside collection. If that is not the case, look around for Christmas tree programs. Some of these collection services pick up your tree and some of them require you to have it dropped off.

Every year, approximately 300 tons of Christmas trees are recycled. If we recycled just 50 percent of our household yard waste, we could divert 50,000 tons from the disposal system.

3.) How do I get rid of my old computer? Can I recycle it?

In many states, laws are on the books to have manufacturers develop and facilitate take-back programs. Many times, you can use your take-back as a partial credit toward the purchase of a new model. You can call the dealer or the manufacturer to find out more about the programs available in your area.

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