Accent wall wood

It’s understandable that every home will need a little updating. One great way to spruce up your home is with an accent wall. You’ll find that there are many types, styles, and design options for accenting walls within the home.

What is an Accent Wall?

An accent wall is a way to set one wall apart from the others. The point of an accent wall is to add contrast from the three other walls within a room. For instance, a room that is solid white could have an accent wall panel that is blue. Other homeowners may include an accent wall that is a different type of material altogether including wood or stone.

Various Types of Accented Walls

There are multiple ways to add an accent wall to your home. It’s common for homeowners to buy a fresh coat of paint to begin the accenting process. If you’re really looking to update your home, it’s wise to consider a wood wall covering. Many homeowners include a wood accent wall in bedrooms of their homes.

A wood plank accent wall is a popular choice for many homes. It’s understandable that a homeowner may not want to have their walls updated. Accenting a room with wood plank wall paneling creates an updated room with an added visual appeal. Numerous studies have shown that potential house buyers will pay more for a home for wooden interior features.

There are many types of wood to choose from when selecting a wood accent wall. Maple is a popular option that is made in both soft and hard forms. Statistics show that are over 23 species of Maple growing throughout North America. Oak provides an extremely sturdy wooden accent wall. The hardness of oak is measured on the Janka hardness scale where it ranges from 1,290-1,360 pounds.

Ideas for Accenting a Wall in Your Home

Many people include a wood accent wall in bedrooms for its great visual appeal. Rustic bedrooms benefit from the appearance of a wood accent wall. Modern rustic is a newer design trend that has risen in popularity. You’ll find that a wood accent wall in bedrooms is a great way to bridge modern and rustic styles.

Many homes include accent walls in dining areas. Not all dining areas are separate rooms, making an accent wall a distinguishing feature. Having an accent wall in a dining area lets visitors easily know where to find this important room. You’ll find it’s important to choose the right room for the purposes of wall accenting. Luckily, any room in the house looks great with accented walls.

In summary, an accent wall is an element of interior design made to add visual appeal. There are many ways to create an accent wall whether it be through painting or other methods. It’s common for homeowners to go the extra mile and have a wood accent wall. Every home looks amazing with the addition of timeless wood interior features. An accent wall is an easy and creative way to update the look of any room within your home.

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