Residential gates

Most house fences are about four to six feet tall, depending on which of the various fence types and fence styles they are, but believe it or not, there are some seriously more monolithic gates and fences out there. Here are just a few long fences you won’t believe exist!

The Dingo Fence.

One of the largest gates and fences in Australia is called the “Dingo Fence,” because its entire purpose is to keep dingoes out of Australia’s south-east in order to protect the sheep flocks there. One of the world’s longest gates and fences, the Dingo Fence stretches 5,614 kilometres or 3,488.38 miles!

The Snow Fence.

Back in 2008, Luc Guertin of Ottawa, Canada built what many consider to be the tallest snow fence in the entire world. Although it’s not one of the traditional gates and fences, it still counts as a fence as it surrounds and protects his rink. Though there’s no measurement available as to how tall it is, photographic documents show that the snow fence, which he built with his own two hands over the course of a couple months, was almost as tall as his house.

The Rabbit Fence.

As for the last of the largest gates and fences in the world, we head back to Australia. Formerly known as the Rabbit Proof Fence, the State Vermin Fence, and the Emu Fence, the State Barrier Fence of Western Australia took six years to build, and was designed to keep rabbits and other agricultural pests, from the east, out of Western Australian pastoral areas. Before the Dingo Fence, the Rabbit Fence was the largest fence in the world, stretching 1,833 kilometers or 1,139 miles.

Do you know of any other massive gates and fences that didn’t make this list? Tell us all about these monolithic structures in the comments! If you have any questions about building your own fence, feel free to share in the comments as well. Get more here.

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