It’s important to get rid of any pests that are in your home once they appear. Most types of pests multiply extremely quickly, and this can exponentially increase the number of these pests in your house. When you have bugs or rodents, you need to call a pest extermination company to come out and exterminate them. Pests can spread diseases and damage your home, so they need to be eradicated quickly.

If you have ants or other pests, you will need to call a company that handles ant and pest control near me. Check out a few local companies and find out which types of pests they will eradicate and what their methods are. If you have a need for eco-friendly and/or non-toxic chemicals to be used, look for a company that offers that type of pest control. Many companies today do offer this option to customers.

Having ants and spiders necessitates using an ant and spider exterminator near me. An ant company near me will know just how to rid a home of ants so that they don’t keep coming back. Ant control companies near me are invaluable for putting an end to an infestation that can be highly destructive.


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Taking pride in your home is a good thing. It’s a part of loving your house, and running a good household. Many people make a hobby out of caring for their homes. There is a fun aspect to it, after all — picking out paint colors, choosing appliances, and decorating your house can be exciting and enjoyable for many people. But there’s more to it than just that. After all, caring for your house has a practical component. Part of it involves the fact that, as much as we’d all like to pretend otherwise, there’s a good chance that most of us will move at some point, and therefore sell our homes. Houses are investments, and ideally everyone wants to make a profit off of their house when they do sell it. However, this usually involves taking the best possible care of your home. This may involve taking care of problems we would all rather pretend didn’t exist — problems like pest control. Pest control plays an important role in the care and keeping of your home, and for that matter the health of those in the home. An exterminator isn’t just the person you call when you already have a problem. An exterminator helps with preventative matters as well; he or she can also answer questions, from how to get rid of mosquitoes to how to keep moles from destroying your backyard. Here, we’ll discuss three types of creatures that pest control can help you get rid of — and why you should take them seriously.

Termites: The Invisible Danger

We all know, technically, that termite damage can happen to almost any home. But we really don’t think it will happen to us. Unfortunately, it not only can but often does. Not only is termite damage an annoyance — it’s also quite expensive to repair. It’s estimated that the average homeowner who discovers termites in their home will pay at least $3,000 to have that damaged repaired. Therefore, the best strategy is to have termites exterminated as soon as possible, and to prevent further infestation of termites. Termites, of course, aren’t the only insects that cause damage to wood — carpenter ants do the same. While termites eat wood, carpenters tunnel into wood to nest. To prevent them, remove piles of wood and debris from your home, and get rid of rotted stumps and logs. If you use firewood, keep it 20 feet away from the home and at least five inches off the ground. Keeping structural wood six inches from soil prevents the rot that attracts carpenter ants, and keeps distance from termites.

Mice: Quick To Multiply, Difficult To Remove

Mice can be a bit more difficult for homeowners to get rid of on their own for several reasons. For one, they’re persistent. For another, some homeowners find it difficult to exterminate creatures that do bear a resemblance some pets. Therefore, professional pest control services are often called to rid the home of mice. Mice can carry disease, leave droppings around the house, eat any food they can get into, and cause damage to structural supports through chewing. They also multiply very rapidly, with one female mouse producing five to 10 litters per year. Each litter has an average of five to six young, which are able to reproduce themselves after 30 days. On month after birth, therefore, five to six mice are 25 to 60 mice. In a year, you’ll have 300 to 720 mice.

Roaches: Persistent And Repellent

Nobody likes roaches; but they do live up to their reputations of being difficult to exterminate. That’s why you’ll need professional help. Like mice, roaches are prolific breeders. They also tend to avoid traps that can be bought at the home goods store, which is why many people skip that step and go straight for the professional exterminators’ help. The sooner pests like these are eliminated, the sooner you can move on with your life.


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