Inside air handler

With two thirds of Americans having air conditioning in their homes, it’s likely that you’ll need air conditioning services, replacement or repair for your AC unit at some point — especially since the average air conditioning unit lasts about 12 years when maintained properly.

But when it comes to hiring an air conditioning specialist, your options might be confusing, especially when competition is fierce for your business.

Are you sure you’re getting your air conditioning services from the right AC maintenance company? To hire an AC contractor who will provide the best repair work possible, be sure to ask these three questions before signing any contracts:

Are your technicians factory trained?

Training is perhaps the most essential factor when it comes to being a successful air conditioning technician — so before you hire anyone to work on your AC unit, be sure he or she has factory training. Factory training requires extensive experience of technicians, and ensures that they’ll be highly-qualified to perform maintenance and repairs.

How soon are your technicians available?

If it’s the middle of summer and your air conditioner breaks, you won’t want to wait a week or more for a technician to come and fix it. Before hiring a company, be sure its technicians are available for convenient house calls and appointments that work with your schedule.

Do you offer a warranty for your air conditioning services?

In some cases, your air conditioning system might experience problems after being repaired or serviced. If this happens, you’ll want your air conditioning company to offer a warranty that guarantees they’ll fix the problem for free.

Want to know more about finding the best air conditioning repair company? Feel free to ask any questions you may have in the comments below.

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