Mirrored doors

It is exceedingly rare that anyone is able to move into a house that has a floor plan that exactly meets their needs. There may be too few closets, a living room that is much too large, or a bedroom that is much too small. Short of a major construction project, homeowners don’t have very many options for altering the layout and flow of their living spaces, unless they want to get very creative with their furniture. Fortunately, one option allows you to alter layouts and architecture without knocking down walls.

If you want a modern look in your home, interior sliding doors can provide the style that you want, with the function that you need. Here are three ways that an interior sliding door or a free standing door can be used in your own home for both dramatic and highly functional effect.

Room Dividers

You might have a living room that is just too big, or an open floor plan where a clearer division of spaces would be beneficial. In either case, an interior sliding door can divide a room for any reason you can think of. Additionally, a sliding door is a far more affordable option than putting up a wall in one place, and tearing down a wall somewhere else. Frosted glass provides privacy as well as an opportunity for light to filter through in a fashion that is much more aesthetic than a curtain, or a wall and door construction.

Privacy Walls

Many companies that create sliding doors also provide privacy walls. Open floor plans are wonderful, but they are challenging to decorate when it feels like the flow of a room is all over the place. Did you know that privacy walls do not just have to be for places of work? Privacy walls can help put the control of that flow back into your hands. Additionally, they can complement your existing design scheme when you choose a company that provides a variety of different finishes.

Saving Space

If you lack closets, or if the closet you do have is placed in an awkward position, a sliding interior door can solve that problem. When your home lacks adequate closet space, mirrored closet doors can be put up a few feet away from a wall, effectively creating a closet space for storage that doesn’t spill out into your living area.

Whether you prefer mirrored doors, frosted glass, or wood, there are frame designs, finishes, and material types to match almost any decor. As an added benefit, quality constructed sliding doors are quiet, and can’t even be accidentally slammed. If you need privacy, a divided room, or more space, consider how interior sliding doors might help.

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