How to make your old tile look new

Remodeling is a task that most homeowners will only want to do once. It can be expensive, time consuming, riddled with problematic surprises, and is never finished within the time frame alloted. When planning to remodeling any room in the house, it is best to count on plenty of extra time being needed to complete the job.

Kitchen and bathroom remodels are the two projects that will typically bring in the most favorable return for a homeowner. They are also probably the projects that take the longest and are susceptible to the most problems. Not only is the electric a major concern, but the plumbing as well, especially if large appliances are going to be moved to different sections of the room. In that case, pipes need to be run or, at the very least, rerouted, which could easily raise the anticipated price of the whole project, not to mention increasing the time frame. Flooring is another big concern for many people. No one wants to have to keep putting down new flooring year after year, so it is best to put some research into tile trends; what will last the longest, and what will be the most durable and easy to clean.

Redoing a bathroom can quickly turn into a discouraging and disheartening venture, especially if a homeowner does not enter into it with all of his or her ducks in a row. Before beginning a project like this, research must be done. A bathtub is one of the biggest considerations that needs to be investigated. Often, it is a good idea to consult a bathtub refinishing service when there needs to be work done in that area. Examining tile trends for the bathtub raises more questions; for instance, is the homeowner more interested in refinishing bathtub tile, or is a new, modern tile preferred? The cost of bathtub refinishing as opposed to tile removal will also have to be carefully considered. In addition, if a bathtub is damaged, it is probably a better idea to replace it in order to avoid exposure to the dirt and germs that could already be breeding there.

A bathtub or shower stall that is still in good shape would probably be a candidate for reglazing. If the homeowner chooses to keep the existing tub, reglazing will usually work just fine, and is cheaper than replacing the tub itself. The process typically takes between three and four hours and the bathtub is ready to use in 24. The tub will look like new, and can be easier to clean than the original bathtub was before its refinishing. If a bathtub is reglazed correctly, it could last without need for further refinishing for up to ten years.

If there is a question about possible bathtub tile removal or tile installation, there are professional tile installation contractors who will come to examine the existing tile and give the homeowner estimates and advice. Expert contractors are knowledgeable about tile trends and about what will work best according to what they see and what they know. Tile trends do change with time, and they keep this in mind. They can also tell the customer what they can do to refurbish their existing tile if they feel removal is not necessary. They will be able to recommend industrial strength cleansers and products that would be safe to use and would give the bathtub and tiles a complete makeover. Sometimes the homeowner will prefer to do the job without the expense of having a professional come in to get it done; however, other times the expertise of a professional is just what the doctor ordered!

Refinishing, or remodeling a bathroom should be planned for a period of time before any work actually begins. There has to be an outline, or a blueprint to follow throughout the project in order to establish a route of consistency that leads through to the finished product. There will be unexpected turns and complications that arise; however, with a well thought out plan, the road to completion will remain intact and in sight. The best way to go is not by cutting corners, but by being prepared to give a little more, even pay a little more, for results that will be durable and lasting.

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