Garage maintenance is not something most people like to think about. Homeowners with garages do not spend a lot of time or energy thinking about this part of their homes. The only part of a garage that people notice all the time is often the garage door. It is important to maintain your garage properly.

Tips for Proper Garage Maintenance

  1. Watch the foundation. The foundation of your home is incredibly important. If it fails, it can be disastrous to your home. The cost for repairing a foundation can cost anywhere from $4300 to $10,000. You can often spot problems with your foundation in the garage first. If you find the doors to it start to work differently or the floor is cracked, that can indicate an issue with the foundation. Also check for moisture outside and keep your gutters clear. If there become issues with the way your garage door opens and closes, that might be a sign of a problem. If you catch a problem sooner than later you can cut down on the costs associated with a foundation repair or replacement.
  2. Keep the garage floor clean and clear. Consider sealing your garage floor to preserve it. Having a sealant put on will make it easier to clean the floor and it will protect it from other problems. You should also wash down the floor once a year. This will help you prevent slip hazards and get rid of stains. Take this opportunity to look for any cracks. These may be signs of a problem that is less obvious and advanced than ones associated with any garage door problems that could be coming down the road. You can hire contractors to put the sealant in or you can do it yourself. Having a sealant installed by a professional will cost anywhere between $1,500 and $2,000.
  3. Maintain your garage door. Sure, some problems with the garage door can be caused by a bad foundation but it can have other issues. The company who installed it should have a maintenance plan you can purchase. You can also use a leaf blower on the unit to get rid of dust and other dirt and debris. Older units will need to be oiled every year. Regardless of the age of the garage door machinery, the entire system should be checked annually for any problems. When it is inspected, the contractor can often spot  small problems and then fix them before they become large and very expensive to deal with. Test your garage door sensors often to make sure they are running the way they are supposed to.
  4. Keep the gutter clean and clear. This may seem like a problem that is not specific to your garage, and it is, but you will protect the entire house. Inspect the gutters at least twice a year — in the spring and fall.
  5. Check your doors. Make sure all of the weather stripping is in working order. Check the building codes for your region to see if you need your doors meet the fire codes. If any of the self opening doors are not working, you will need to have them replaced or repaired. Check them all regularly to avoid problems.
  6. Keep pests out!Termites do huge amounts of damage to homes around the United States every year. Carpenter ants can do the same thing. Bugs are not the only pests to keep a look out for. Squirrels are notorious for getting into roofs and that can include your garage’s roof. Raccoons love to make homes out of garages. Do yourself a favor and stay alert. Look out for these and other critters that always want into your home. Keeping them out is a lot easier than getting them out once they have moved in. If you keep pet and other food in the garage, make sure other animals cannot get into it.

Our garages are important parts of our homes. They keep our cars safe from the elements but they are also part of our homes. They are great places to store our belongings. Problems out there can indicate troubles in the rest of the house. Proper garage maintenance can make a difference for the maintenance of the entire house.

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