Pond aeration systems

Something that we generally have unparalleled access to as Americans is clean water for drinking, washing, and bathing. Not everyone in the world is so lucky, even within the borders of our country. In 2007, the World Health Organization reported that over 1 billion individuals across the globe do not have access to a clean supply of drinking water. The technology for water purification has advanced over the years, from the age of boiling water over a fire to ensure its cleanliness. And that technology should be available for everyone, not just those with the right amount of money in their bank accounts, whether it is filtration, a water aeration system, solar disinfection, or other techniques.

Why is clean water so important?

  • Drink up!
    Waterborne illnesses can easily be avoided by making sure that there are proper filtration systems in place. In the U.S., an estimated 48 million people get their water for drinking from wells which are private or belonging to a household. It is said that there are over 2,000 contaminants in drinking water that comes from a tap, and those are just the ones we currently know about. And when a person in good health can consume as much water as three gallons a day, that’s a lot of potential contaminants that we should be avoiding.
  • Getting clean… minus the unwanted microbes

    Showers have filters, but because a shower needs to filter varying degrees of water temperatures, these filters are not always completely successful at removing every last potentially dangerous contaminant. We absorb water — and what’s in it — through our skin, so it’s equally important to make sure we are getting clean in safe water. The Environmental Protection Agency has stated that a typical individual can absorb more toxins from showering and taking a bath than from drinking contaminated water. It would be a wise investment to install an entire house filter. A home water purifier can give you the peace of mind you deserve when using your own water.
  • Other options and needs for clean water
    Humans aren’t the only ones who need clean water. Many lakes and ponds near manmade structures are at risk for pollutants that can endanger plants and animals living within the bodies of water. Making sure that a body of water like a fish pond or swimming hole is clean helps not only the wildlife but also any individuals looking to go for a dip. Pond aeration systems are one form of aiding in achieving clean water, by pumping air into the water to help rid the water of gasses. This process of injecting oxygen into water is used in many cases, and pond aeration systems are often used to help schools of fish survive where they might not otherwise.

One study states that in the U.S. around 408 billion gallons of water were taken for use in 2000. Humans need a lot of water, and we need it to be clean. Whether by way of pond aeration systems or water filters, we should all have access to high quality water.

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