Environmental cleaning services

Dry ice blasting or Co2 blasting is a descriptive term that is applied to solid carbon dioxide gas, or Co2. Pellets of dry ice are used to do Co2 cleaning, or slurry blasting as it is sometimes called. Dry ice blasting companies are plentiful and can clean dirty surfaces quickly and efficiently with dry ice blasting

Dry Ice blasting companies are used often in the food industry because it leaves no residue behind on the food preparation equipment. On top of that, dry ice blasting decontaminates surfaces when it comes to Salmonella, E. coli, and Listeria. This is very important in the food industry as these bacteria’s can cause conditions that can be deadly to the public.
Even though carbon dioxide is used by these environmental cleaning services no net greenhouse gases are ejected. Dry ice blasting companies make sure that the methods they use are safe for residents and businesses alike.

Of course, as with any method of cleaning there are disadvantages, such as temperature related risks, however, the advantages of the clean you get from dry ice blasting outweighs the disadvantages that are listed. Dry ice blasting companies are standing by to clean your business at a moment’s notice.

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