Plumber in margate

Plumbing woes can be a real nightmare. Not only can they be costly and labor intensive, but if your plumbing has gone awry (such as with a clogged toilet), it can render your home inhabitable until the problem is resolved. You, reader, are in luck, because this article will shed some light on two of the most common plumbing problems with a little do it yourself advice before you have to call in the big guns such as a plumber Pompano Beach or plumber in margate. If, however, the thought of digging through soap scum grosses you out, stop reading and call a plumber Pompano Beach right away!

To clear most clogged drains, many can be solved with a plunger. Fill your sink halfway with water, and then plunge away! If plunging does not work, you can first snake your drain to clear it of any obstructions, and then plunge again. Be careful with double sinks (like the one in your kitchen) though. Be sure to stuff one side with a damp rag before plunging the other side to avoid a big, wet mess. If this does not work, it may in your best interest to phone a plumber Pompano Beach.

For a toilet clog, a plumber Pompano Beach will likely explain to you that most toilet clogs occur at the top of the trap and plungers can typically effectively clear the clog. If a plunger is not powerful enough to remove the clog, you will need to insert an auger into the bowl and snake it through the toilet trap. The auger should be at least three feet long, and you may need to use all of it. Once you have done this, flush. If the toilet is still not flushing at normal speed, insert the auger again. If that does not work, again, phone a plumber Pompano Beach.

Of course fixing your own plumbing problems instead of phoning a Pompano beach plumber depends on your initiative, skill level, and faith in your abilities. If you are not inclined to fix the problem yourself (or if it is too big to fix), you can call a plumber Pompano Beach or plumbers in margate to quickly and efficiently save the day.

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