Everpure water filters

Studies consistently show to the American public that 15 percent of the country’s public water supply and perhaps as many as 40 percent or water supplies that are private are in fact contaminated with bacteria such as coliform. And even though about 80 types of contaminants are regulated by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, or EPA, including E. coli, chlorine, lead, arsenic, and cryptosporidia, which all are found in public drinking water, there still exists an enormous amount of other contaminants that can ruin a person’s day. This is why a whole house water filter is in such high demand among today’s American families.

There are lots of great filters on the market today, such as Omni water filters, Pentek water filters, Everpure water filters, Hoshizaki water filter, and the like, but American plumber water filters tend to be among the most popular. This happens for a few reasons, not the least of which is the idea that American Plumber is a very trusted brand among American consumers. These consumers are savvy about their spending and about how they spend their money, and they mostly turn to an American Plumber water filter to filter out those nasty contaminants that can present problems for themselves and their families.

The thing that is so great about an American Plumber water filter is its capacity for working within both residential and commercial environments. This makes both American consumers and industry and business owners want to use an American Plumber water filter for the very same purposes. They know that they can easily switch between commercial and residential use, or that they can have this kind of system in both their homes and their offices. And that, in general, is why consumers are switching with increasing regularity toward an American Plumber water filter versus a filter that can be bought at a store, which leaves much to be desired for American consumers anyway.

Another beautiful thing about using an American Plumber water filter is that the systems that are created by the company are highly customized to filter out the most detrimental contaminants out there. These contaminants not only can affect the taste of the water coming out of the tap, but they additionally can wreak havoc on people’s immune systems, causing illness in extreme cases and discomfort in the casual ones. In using an American Plumber water filter to eradicate this problem, more American consumers than ever are fully realizing the beauty of drinking clean, fresh water.


  1. Using a whole house water filter is finally something my family is ready to do. We have suffered for years with bad tasting water that I know is filled with contaminants, and now we are finally ready to dive in. I like the American Plumber brand for sure.

  2. Yes, you would assume that the company handles plumbing needs, which it does, but it also has great water systems. The company simply knows how to perfect the art of making great tasting water.

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