Philadelphia electricians

The right Philadelphia electrician should have no trouble helping their clients with a wide variety of issues. When one takes a moment to consider that electrocution is actually one of the top five causes of deaths in the workplace, putting the emphasis on finding the best local Philadelphia electrician possible may not seem so out of line. There are a few things the best electricians in philadelphia pa should be able to provide.

Philadelphia electricians should be able to fix any kind of home or office wiring, no matter how new or old it may be. Some of them in a city like Philadelphia can be quite old. The best electrician philadelphia pa has will probably know that many of the first things to use electricity were in the tri state area. The Statue of Liberty was the first lighthouse to use electricity in 1886, while the Brooklyn Bridge became the first bridge to use it.

The most competent Philadelphia electrician will not only have command of their craft, but of the complex and interesting history of electricity. Like any electrician in Philadelphia could explain, the first inventor of the light bulb was Thomas Edison, also created the first string of lights. During the 1880 Christmas season, strands of these lights were hung around Menlo Park Labratory. While people passing by on the railroad would marvel at these displays, it would still take another 40 years for electric Christmas lights to achieve popularity.

Most people do not know that fireflies produce light chemically from their food, and that the light they emit is more efficient than what is in a light bulb. The same could be said for deep sea glowworms and squids. While a firefly loses only one 15th of their energy, a light bulb loses approximately 95 percent of its energy in the form of wasted heat.


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