Many homeowners decide to replace their cabinets when they are doing upgrades and remodeling. They consider every detail like the door and cabinet hardware, what colors the cabinets will be, decorative knobs and pulls, but many forget to consider a cabinet door lock. Yes, you should add a cabinet door lock to your new cabinets. You do not have to choose locking hardware for all your cabinets, but you should put a cabinet door lock on at least two of your cabinets. Learn why.

Safety Has to Be a Priority

Whether you are the 47% of millennials or 41% of boomers that choose white cabinets, if you have kids that come into your home on a regular basis you need a couple of cabinets that you can secure. Kids are kids, and they will get into things that you do not want them to get into. It is not just the obvious things like cleaning chemicals you want to protect children from. There are food-grade ingredients that can make kids sick if they get a hold of them. A simple-to-install cabinet door lock can help to keep the kids safe and give you peace of mind.

Keep Medication Safe

A lot of people keep their medication in the kitchen for easy access. How convenient would it be to be able to keep your medication where you are most likely to take it without having to worry about one of the kids grabbing it? Having a cabinet that locks delivers the peace of mind you need.

Security Should Also Be a Priority

Keeping your important documents safe is easy when you have a locking cabinet you can tuck them all away in. We all leave paperwork around that we should secure. Having a handy easy access cabinet that will hold important papers until you can file them away is essential.

Of course, you can install a cabinet lock in the bathroom, laundry room, or any other space where you want to improve safety and security. When you are considering your hardware options be sure to add cabinet locks to your list of things to order. You will be glad you did.

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