This video is for the newcomers who are interested in doing roofing work. In this video a roofer will guide you about how to quickly set the shingles. After watching this video most of you will learn how to become a fast roofer.
First of all take bundles of shingles and leave them separately on the roof at some distance. All you need to do this is nails, shingles, drilling machine, glue gun etc.

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While nailing the shingles don’t go to fast because it will turn out after few days.
Now place the shingles on the roof in straight lines. Take the gun and fix the shingles with the nails. You can do it in few minutes as you don’t need to hammer it. After some practice you will do it like professional roofers. You only need to be careful about the angle of the shingles and process of fixing it.
After fixing the shingles leave the roof for one to two days in the bright sun so that it becomes hard. Check it after two days and if you find any misplaced shingle, fix it again. This simple process will not take more than 5-6 hours depending on the size of your roof.

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