Remodeling kitchens or working with cabinet restoration professionals before a home has been sold is often a good idea. Even home buyers who have a casual attitude towards other parts of the house will certainly care about the state of the kitchen. The kitchen remodeling process will be particularly cost-effective if the kitchen looks stylish after it has been remodeled.

Some people who are looking for a new house might want a rustic dream kitchen. They’ll probably be happy with any related space with an earthy kitchen design. They may have already started looking at before and after colonial kitchen remodel comparisons. These styles are very popular. Finding a buyer for your home should be relatively easy if you have a rustic or colonial kitchen, in fact.

People will sometimes want to redecorate the kitchen themselves after they’ve bought the house. Still, they’ll care about the kitchen features already in place. People may be uncomfortable when they see kitchens with old cabinets, even if they plan to replace them either way. They might assume that other parts of the kitchen are like that. Cabinet restoration professionals can help you improve the cabinets that you have already. You can see what’s available in display home kitchens.

Updated 04/28/2022

When considering home remodeling services, many people consider working on their kitchens. Anytime someone comes to visit your home, they are taking notice of your kitchen. Cabinets and floors are among the top items within the kitchen to be remodeled. Before you get started, you want to find the answer to some questions, including how hard is it to remodel your kitchen and how much kitchen cost to remodel?

Homeowners are interested in custom cabinets, mainly to increase the depth and size. It can be helpful to do a search for kitchen design ideas cabinets to help you consider ideas for your new kitchen. Customized cabinets can completely change the appearance of your kitchen. Even better is that they can be built to fit any space that you would like to fill. When you have some ideas about your kitchen remodel, you should determine your kitchen remodel sequence to help you determine where you should focus your attention and money first. This is especially helpful when you have a number of items on which you want to remodel.

When it comes to home improvement or home purchases, the number two thing people seem to pay attention to is the kitchen. What floors it has, what appliances it comes with, what do the cabinets look like, and most importantly, how big is it?

According to surveys done by the National Association of Home Builders, 69% of all jobs requested are related to kitchen remodeling. That same survey shows that bathroom remodeling is requested by 78% of all job requests. The requests often have to do with cabinets, flooring, and wall paneling. A remodeled kitchen can give a return investment, on average, of 82.7%, and that’s just for a minor remodel.

That’s a large return.

A lot of families desire custom cabinets, specifically to increase cabinet size and depth. More storage ability is a common theme in homes, with the average size of cabinets increasing constantly as time passes onwards. The standard measurement of an upper kitchen cabinet was 30″ in height, but now 36″ and 42″ stock and semi-custom cabinets are on the rise. Similarly, a wall cabinet traditionally had a depth of 12,” but now 14-16″ is common.

Custom cabinets also allow you to customize your kitchen’s appearance with nearly limited options with access to skilled carpenters. And the best part? They can be built to fit whatever space you’re looking to fill.

Of course, custom cabinets mean custom drawers, and so drawers have to get longer and deeper to account for the increase. Or whatever crazy ideas you have with them. That means that a carpenter may have to increase the size of the center stile or the center mullion to compensate. This is the part that provides extra structural support for a cabinet. The increase in size means more structural integrity for the custom drawer size and prevents anything from falling or breaking.

Floors are another part of homes that get remodeled, as over half of buyers (54%) said that they’d pay more for a home with hardwood floors. That’s understandable, as hardwood floors give the home a nice finish and can pair well with a lot of kitchen improvements. They’re also resistant to stains and spills, and if damaged by scratches or scrapes, can be sanded, smoothed, and refinished. They rarely ever have to be replaced completely.

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