Professional carpet cleaning

Year round, indoor carpets take a beating from our shoes, our pets, our spills and our children. It’s not something we think of all that often, especially in office space (although it might cross your mind at home once in a while, particularly if you have light colored, plush rugs or area rugs of any value). Professional carpet cleaning is a worthwhile consideration, and it doesn’t need to be exorbitantly expensive either. Look up local carpet cleaners in your area and compare prices — you might be surprised. Here are 10 solid reasons to get a carpet cleaning service working in your home or office building at least twice a year, if not once each season.

  • Cleaning extends the life of your carpeting. Especially if you employ carpet cleaning services that use what’s called “the extraction method,” you will preserve the longevity of your carpet, saving you money in the long haul.
  • Cleaning will remove unsightly staining and spotting. Soiling tends to attract more of the same and projects a look (and feel) of carelessness. By getting rid of them quickly with a team of local carpet cleaners, you can reverse some of the damage.
  • Cleaning prevents the accumulation of bacteria and potentially harmful allergens. Especially in the event of moist soil and spillage, unhealthy molds and other contaminants can develop.
  • Cleaning preserves better quality of air. Carpeting not only holds on to what comes off of your shoes, it also traps elements of air pollution. While this may make for better indoor air quality in the short term, over time the carpet can’t hold these elements any longer and/or becomes saturated.
  • Cleaning improves the appearance of the space. Just as we said that staining and soiling can project an air of carelessness, clean carpets can put across a desirable and meticulous image that says, “We’re on top of our game.”
  • Cleaning leads to better morale, both at work and at home. We might not think about it too often, but functioning in a dirty environment is thought to breed negativity.
  • Cleaning makes carpeting easier to maintain on the whole. By having a professional cleaning done, moist soils are removed, leaving only average, dry soils that can be dealt with by regular vacuuming.
  • Cleaning can keep carpeting safer for pets and toddlers that spend more time on the floor.
  • Cleaning removes microscopic organisms beyond bacteria: dust mites, bed bugs and other microscopic critters can be eliminated (or better controlled) by regular carpet cleaning.
  • Cleaning will help you maintain any warranty that your carpeting came with. When purchasing new carpeting, always read any warranty information thoroughly so you understand what’s expected of you in order not to break the agreement.
    Local carpet cleaners are an affordable and easy solution to preserving the look, feel and air quality of your office space or home. Look online for reviews for the best rated carpet cleaners in your area.
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