Quality carpet

Owning a pet is a great joy that everyone should experience. Current pet owners know that, while these animals are cute and lovable, they can wreak havoc on flooring. Certain pets can feel the need to leave waste on the carpet. It’s wise to utilize pet friendly flooring within your home. You might be unaware of what types of pet flooring exist. Here are three types of flooring every pet owner should know about.

Laminate Flooring

Statistics show that laminate flooring can last between 15-25 years. Many pet owners choose laminate flooring because it is easy to keep clean. If your pets are known to run through the house, it’s wise to utilize a rougher finish to provide traction. Pet friendly laminate flooring will feature surface protection being pet waste won’t seep into the flooring.

Vinyl Flooring

Many pet owners choose vinyl flooring within their home because it is inexpensive. You’ll find many different designs and styles when viewing vinyl flooring samples. This type of flooring is extremely versatile and great for pets. The traction of vinyl flooring ensures animals won’t be sliding down a hallway. Vinyl flooring was invented nearly 80 years ago, yet it continues to be one of the most resilient flooring materials on the market.

Pet Friendly Carpet

Not all pet owners will want a lack of carpet throughout the home. Statistics show that 44% of homeowners feel the need to have carpet in their bedrooms. It’s understandable to want to have pets and carpet in your home at the same time. Innovations within the carpet industry have led to the creation of a new type of carpeting. There are certain types of carpeting that are made to wick away pet waste which makes them easier to clean.

In summary, there are several types of flooring every pet owner should know about. Laminate flooring is inexpensive and works well in homes that have pets. You might want to utilize a rougher finish to laminate, giving pets extra traction. Vinyl flooring is popular because of its many style and design options. Pet friendly carpet is able to wick away stains and spills with ease. Choosing pet friendly flooring lets homeowners enjoy the fun of owning a pet.

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