It can be infuriating when your air conditioning refuses to turn on on a hot summer day. With temperatures starting to rise, it is crucial that your air conditioner circulates cool air throughout your home. Whether it be a simple mechanical fix, or a larger technological issues, there can be several reasons why you air conditioner isn’t doing it’s job. To provide several ways to approach your issue, this video outlines many possibilities of what could be causing your air conditioner’s failure.

Clearly, air conditioning repair can range from a simple dusting to an entire replacement. When you are checking your machine, be attentive to details like coolant amount and the furnace filter.

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The most common reason for air conditioner failure is a bad capacitor. These can sometimes burst from the top, so checking for bloating in this piece should be the first thing you do. There could also be a clogged condensate drain or a bad control board on your machine. Broken and brittle wires are some of the most obvious indicators of air conditioner failure. Finally, it may be your dirty condenser coil that is causing your issues.


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