Garden hose fittings

Brass pipe fittings end up in numerous types of systems, meaning that if you work in plumbing, HVAC, the medical field or even the food and drink industry, you’ll probably end up needing to work with a brass fittings manufacturer. What should you be looking for? Sometimes, knowing what you shouldn’t see is just as helpful. Here are five red flags you should look out for as you vet brass fittings manufacturers:

  1. They Don’t Have a Robust In-Stock Inventory

    You don’t want to work with any company, of course, that doesn’t offer a wide range of valves and fittings. Furthermore, it’s important you make sure any company you’re considering has a good inventory that’s already in stock and ready to ship; you don’t want to be waiting around for a vital part while your system is down or your customers are getting antsy.

  2. They Don’t Offer a Wide Range of Shipping Options

    Shipping also matters when it comes to volume and minimum orders. If all you need is one or two brass nipples, you don’t want to either be forced to order a hundred or pay exorbitant shipping fees.

  3. They Don’t Make Custom Parts on Demand

    There’s no reason to work with two separate companies for your stock and custom needs. You’re better off choosing a company that can make custom parts to your specifications if you need them so you can build that B2B relationship and be confident in both the quality of the parts and the timeliness of the service you’ll receive.

  4. They Don’t Carry Both Leaded and Lead-Free Parts

    Lead is a useful metal — otherwise it wouldn’t have been used so much throughout history. But you can’t work with a manufacturer who doesn’t offer you lead-free parts that comply with federal guidelines, either. You’ll need those lead-free fittings for any systems involving drinking water, at the very least.

  5. They Don’t Offer Multiple Customer Service Channels

    In this day and age, there’s no excuse for a company that’s difficult to reach. You should be able to contact your distributor by phone, as well as through one or more online channels.

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