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There’s no question that trees provide our planet with beauty and shade, but they also provide many other benefits — some of which may surprise you! Any arborist and tree trimming contractors knows the unexpected ways trees help us, but most people take trees for granted. Learn a little more about the surprising benefits trees provide with these five facts:

    1. Trees can heal and protect us
      Did you know that trees can help you feel better faster? Studies have shown that patients who have views of trees outside their windows heal faster and with fewer complications. Kids who have been diagnosed with ADHD have shown fewer symptoms when they spend time in nature, and trees have been shown to protect us from UV-B exposure, which can cause skin cancer. Beyond the physical, they can also help our mental state: walks in nature can improve cognitive functioning and can lead to better mental health overall. Healthy trees mean that we can be healthier, too!


    1. Trees can clean our water
      Most people know that trees help clean our air, but did you also know they can filter our water? Forests provide natural filtration systems that keep the need for man-made filtration at a minimum. Two-thirds of the filtrated water supply in the United States can be traced back to natural filtration from trees!


    1. Trees can reduce violence and crime
      It’s true: neighborhoods with lots of trees tend to have significantly lower crime and violence rates. Scientists and researchers think this can be attributed to the calming effect of trees and the impact they can have on unifying a community. No matter the reasons, most people feel at peace with lots of trees around!


    1. Trees can save you money
      You might assume that necessary maintenance (like enlisting a tree pruning service to trim your trees) means that having trees can be a big expense. However, trees can actually save you money and can help you conserve energy, especially during the warmer months. Placing just three trees in a strategic way around your house can cut your air conditioning needs by up to 50% in the summertime! Plus, having trees will increase the value of your property, should you decide to sell your house.


  1. Trees provide jobs
    If you think about it, trees actually provide a lot of employment. Farmers, landscapers, conservation experts, and tree service companies all rely on the existence of trees for their livelihood. Whether you buy a bushel of apples from the grocery store or hire a tree pruning service, our beloved trees are indirectly providing employment for lots of people.

Because trees are so important to our planet’s survival, it’s vital that we practice proper tree care to ensure our trees stay protected and healthy. It’s vital that we provide support and loving care for our trees, to ensure they’ll be around for years to come. Taking care of our trees through a tree pruning service can help the trees on your property thrive, and practicing respectful conservation techniques when visiting one of our National Forests can provide lifelong lessons for your family.

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