New roofing installation

Looks like it is the southeastern part of America’s turn to schedule roofing repair and maintenance after high winds and heavy rains attacked several parts of Florida and the Carolina’s. As Hurricane Hermine made its way ashore in the last days of August, home owners secured their house and left for higher ground further from the coast. Returning to their properties this Labor Day weekend will involve water damage clean up for some, and roofing repair and maintenance for others.
Even families who did not experience extreme weather conditions this summer, the priority of roofing repair and maintenance, as well as window work and gutter replacement are tasks that many home owners want to take care of before the colder months of winter.
Contacting licensed contractors for everything from emergency tarp services to routine window caulking is a priority for some of the most dedicated home owners. While a few may think that they are able to fix roofs and repair windows themselves, the comfort of a warranty and guarantee from licensed contractors often makes the most sense.
What Major Home Repair Projects Do You Have Scheduled for This End of Summer Season?
Not surprising, home owners will spend somewhere between 1% and 4% of a home?s value every year on maintenance and repairs. And while the initial years in a home are often less expensive, the costs of this upkeep tends to increase as a home ages. In most cases, this means that home owners of a $200,000 home would be wise to budget at least $2,000 in repairs every year. Making minor repairs as they are needed can avoid very expensive and extensive work at a later date. Consider some of the following facts about the most common home maintenance concerns:

  • Roofing Repair and Maintenance. even in normal circumstances a home;s roof should be inspected once every year or two. A roof in need of repair can often be successfully managed and cared for without major expense if small problems are corrected as soon as they occur.
    In the event major storm damage, a roof in need of replacement should be dealt with as soon as possible. Failing to get the needed replacement scheduled can lead to other damages inside the house caused by leaks and hidden moisture.
  • Window Installation and Upgrades. Older homes that were built with wood windows often need to be carefully monitored for damage that can lead to leaks that occur within the home or between the window and the siding. A major upgrade that many home owners with older windows make is to install double hung windows with energy efficient glass.
    These installations and upgrades not only add to the values of a home, but they also help reduce year round heating and cooling costs. In fact, depending on where you live, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency estimates that some home owners could save up to $501 a year by replacing old single-pane windows with newer Energy Star approved models. Although costly at first, these kinds of energy efficient upgrades can immediately begin paying for themselves.
  • Home siding and gutter repair. Sometimes caused by climate and sometimes caused by storm damage, siding and gutter repair is often the most extensive damage that home owners face. Fortunately, improvements in the materials that are offered and available can mean that these changes only have to be made once. Composite siding that is becoming increasingly wind resistant. For instance, most siding installation is rated for winds as high as 110 mph. If higher winds do rip off individual sections of siding, many manufacturers indicate vinyl siding is easier to reinstall than other types of siding.

Buying a home is a major investment. What some home owners fail to realize, however, is that maintaining a home is an important investment as well. Taking the energy and effort to budget for repairs and updates can help a home owner keep the house in its best condition. No small problem on a house gets smaller. Instead, small problems like roof damage and window repair needs can become bigger expenses that are difficult to manage. Is it time for you to schedule a whole house inspection?

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