Solid strand bamboo flooring installation

Homeowners have a lot of options when it comes to the flooring they choose from their home. One option is strand bamboo flooring. It has a look that is very similar to hardwood floors but it is harder than some varieties of hardwood. It is made with bamboo fibers. Manufacturers will take the fibers and soften them. They are then separated and combined to make planks of the material. These planks are then sanded. They are finished with an aluminum oxide material. This adds to their resiliency. Many people opt for this kind of flooring both for its beauty and it is considered to be very eco friendly.

Like other parts of a home, the flooring is an investment. Homeowners with strand bamboo flooring should do what they can to maintain their floors and protect that investment. It is critical that this kind of floor is kept clean and well maintained. That requires some work be done every week. Spills should be cleaned as soon as possible. It is not hard to maintain this type of floor. In fact, that is on of advantages of engineered strand bamboo flooring. Caring for them is a lot like caring for traditional hardwood floors.

  1. Get a dust mop. These are perfect for day to day sweeping of strand bamboo flooring. You should get a dust mop that is dedicated only to cleaning this flooring and should never be used outside. When you use them in other settings, they can get sharp dirt particles stuck in them, which will scratch your bamboo floors.
  2. Another option is a boom with soft bristles. If you need to get something other than a dust mop, a broom that has very soft bristles can work. Anything with stiff bristles will end up scratching your floors and that is what you are trying to not do. This should also be a broom that has been set aside only for use on your strand bamboo flooring. Keeping sharp dirt particles away is very important to maintaining the look of the floor.
  3. Keep your floors dry with mops, rags or clothes. Again, all of this should be very soft. It is crucial that you keep your strand bamboo flooring as dry as possible. One issue that homeowners sometimes have with this kind of flooring is that they can warp. This normally happens when some liquid, it can be water or even a cleaning product that was made for strand bamboo flooring, is left to sit on the floor for a long period of time. Even if this does not cause warping it can also stain the floor. Sometimes these issues can be fixed but it is pricey. Avoid that by keeping the floor as dry as possible.
  4. You can mop strand bamboo flooring. Many strand bamboo flooring experts recommend microfiber mops. Any mops that have an abrasive side should be avoided. There are products specifically designed to clean this kind of floor. They should be used whenever that is a possibility. If it is absolutely impossible to find one of these cleaners, using a cleaning product that has been designed for hardwood floors can also be used, as long as it is water soluble. Use as little liquid as possible when you mop. Experts recommend not putting large quantities of the cleaner and water solution at a time but to put them on small areas and work your way around the flooring. Mopping this kind of floor is a bit different than when the floor is made of something like tile or aluminum. Too much liquid left for too long will end up warping the flooring.
  5. Avoid harsh substances. There are some products that should never, under any circumstances, be used to clean strand bamboo flooring. Those include any with harsh chemicals. Ammonia should never come in contact with your strand bamboo flooring. These cleaning products will really wear away at the finish of the flooring and change its color. You should also avoid using anything with wax. When wax is used on any flooring, it tends to build up after a while. Wax can cause more problems than it solves and should be always avoided.


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