Home renovation

If you look closely, you can see the red marks on every window on the backside of the house.
Everyone of those markers denotes a spot where the outside window frame has damaged by hail. The window manufacturer will not guarantee a window if the cladding has been replaced, so every one of those small red marks is an indicator that the entire window will be replaced.
The dents in the windows were caused by a hail storm that happened nearly three months ago, but this is the first time that you were able to get the window representative out. The two person claims adjustor team came out about three weeks ago and they said that the roof was totaled. They also indicated that you had damage to almost all of your windows. In fact, it was the adjustors who gave you the name of the window inspector. As they predicted, the window representative came back with an order to replace every window on the house. You would need to send the new claim in as an addition, but given that the adjustors recommended the window person, it sounds like everything should go through.
The replacement windows will be covered, it will just take a little longer for that payment to arrive. Since you are taking about claims that are in the thousands, both for the roof and replacement windows, the check will come to you and your wife, as well as the mortgage company. Once you send an invoice showing that you have had the work completed, the mortgage company will send the completely endorsed check back to you so that you can use it for paying the contractors. The insurance company will also send out the rest of the money once they have evidence that the work has been completed.
Those small red dots are an indicator of bigger things still to come.
Home Improvement Contractors Can Help You Find the Best Solutions After a Storm
Replacement windows are just the beginning of the jobs that need to be completed after a major hailstorm or windstorm makes its way through you area. Home owners may also find themselves looking for siding and roofing contractors as well. And while some home owners are able to handle working with all of these contractors themselves, others make the decision to hire a general contractor for the major home renovation project that will follow.
Selecting contractors and approving building materials is important. Whenever you are getting ready to work on a major home renovation project, whether it is after a storm or not, it is important to remember that these improvements are an investment in your home that can add to its value.

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