Exterior lighting

How many hours do you currently spend in your backyard every week? If you’re planning to upgrade this area, then you may be interested to know that over half of the homeowners planning to upgrade their yards spend six hours or longer in their outdoor living spaces

Many homeowners are planning to add landscaping to their list of home improvements that they want to make. A recent survey showed that 64% of homeowners are planning to do this in the near future or are currently having their outdoor areas professionally landscaped.

Like other homeowners, it’s likely that you would love to spend more time just relaxing, gardening, and entertaining outside. In order to enjoy being outside after dark even more, have you considered investing in outdoor lighting?

While candlelight creates a certain ambiance, LED lights are very popular for outdoor lighting. Then can provide consistent lighting, and won’t blow out when there’s a breeze.

When compared to standard halogen lights, LED lights have the following benefits:

    They use 15% of the energy.
    They provide 85% more light.
    They give off 90% less heat.
    They are cool to the touch.
    They don’t give off radiant heat.

Another benefit of LED lights is that you can put them on timers and dimmers. This makes it easier and requires less effort to create the level of lighting that you would like. You can also have a residential lighting designer provide custom lighting to create a unique effect or illuminate specific areas.

An architectural lighting design firm can make recommendations on how best to beautify your outdoor living spaces. They may recommend different colors, for example, such as warm-yellow light, white light, or blue-tinged light.

When you landscape the area surrounding your home, were you aware that this increases your home’s resale value? It’s been shown that landscaping can make a 14% difference in the selling price. Depending on the features that you add, such as a pool, extensive gardens, or patio areas, LED lighting can provide an even more inviting space and draw attention to these areas.

If you’re planning to sell, your real estate agent will be pleased that you’ve already landscaped your yard. Almost 90% of real estate agents encourage landscaping before selling a property because it can be a major selling factor for many prospective buyers.

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