Texas is a very big place, so much so that just in Texas alone 60 different soil types exist within its borders. For those looking to build a foundation, it is imperative your location has had a soil analysis. It may seem strange at first but have you ever tried building on sand? It does not end well. Problematic soil types are a hazard for anyone wishing to set up shop at a location. Once a soil analysis has been done and an adequate soil type has been discovered, continue on with your foundation. Otherwise, foundation failures will result in foundation repairs.

So you have taken care of the soil analysis and now it is on to the foundation itself. While there are many foundations to choose from, we will focus primarily on pier and beam foundations and slab foundations.

What is a slab foundation? First, a hole is dug in the shape of your home’s foundation about a foot deep. Afterwards, the hole is filled with concrete and further strengthened with steel bars.

What is a pier and beam foundation? A pier and beam foundation uses a similar building style you see when a pier is built atop water. A pier is built with supporting steel, much like slab foundations have their foundations reinforced with steel. You may see the beams of the structure space apart as far as 12 feet, with joists that are typically set 18 inches apart. The pier itself is a concrete pad, also lined with steel with the beams resting on the pier. Underneath the pier is what is known as a “crawl space.” With the slight elevation created from the crawl space, this allows some homes to withstand shifting soil conditions.

Slab foundations have several advantages when utilized in areas where they shine like in the southern states with much more warmer climates. This is so because a slab foundation is more likely to crack in colder weather where freezing ground is a concern. Slab foundations can also save you money when constructing a home rather than having a basement built from carved stone. That kind of manual labor is cut out. In fact, most homes in Texas reaching 50 years of age have been built with a slab foundation. However, it should be noted that utilizing a soaker should always be 12 to 18 inches from your home’s foundation.

It is highly recommended you seek out a professional who will give you the best case scenario for the foundation your home will benefit from the most. Their help is crucial when foundation repair services are needed.

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