Benefits of hardwood installation

The flooring in your home is one of the most significant contributors to the design, comfort, and functionality of your living space. When making carpet and flooring decisions for your home, there is no right answer. Wood, carpet, and tile flooring almost evenly share the flooring market; 38% of home owners choose carpet in at least part of their home, 34% of home owners have wood flooring and 23% have tile, the remaining 5% of homes have alternative flooring like concrete or linoleum. Finding the carpet and flooring that is best for your home depends on your budget, design preferences, and usage plans for the area.

To help you navigate the world of carpet and flooring, we have compiled a guide to the most common flooring options:

As the most common flooring type used in homes, there are several benefits of carpet installation.

  • Pros
    Carpet contributes to better health for people with allergies. A study in Sweden showed that as the usage of carpet decreased, allergic reactions increased along side it.

    Carpet provides a nice texture to your home’s design, is quiet and soft and is the most comfortable flooring option. Also, carpet is the most cost-effective way to cover your floors nicely.
  • Cons
    Cheap carpet wears out quickly and can develop unsightly stains. If you choose carpet for your flooring, spending a little extra on professional carpet installation and stain resistant carpet will be worth your money.

Hardwood Flooring
Wood flooring is a beautiful flooring option that is popular with home buyers- The National Association of Realtors reports that 54% of home buyers will pay more for a home if it has wood flooring.

  • Pros
    Wood flooring provides a warm feeling to a home and is long lasting. Depending on the wood floor materials used, it can be refinished when it’s worn out. Engineered wood is a little less expensive than solid wood flooring, and can be refinished once or twice throughout the life of the floors. Solid hardwood can be refinished an indefinite number of times.
  • Cons
    Wood floors can be vulnerable to moisture, putting a protective finish on your wood floors is a good idea. They also shrink and expand which can lead to gaps or warping in extreme conditions.

Tile Flooring
Tile comes in a variety of materials and textures and can compliment any home design. You can even gain the esthetic benefits of wood flooring with tile, as tile is available in faux wood grain designs!

  • Pros
    Tile flooring is extremely durable and resistant to stains and scratches. If tiles are damaged, it is easy to replace just the small damaged area, rather than having to replace the entire floor, which you would be required to do with other flooring options. Tile is also very easy to sterilize.
  • Cons
    The grout between tiles can be troublesome to clean. If you have small children, tile may not be the best option; tile can be slippery and cause injuries if a child falls on it.

Whether you install wood, tile, or carpet in your home, you can create a beautiful and functional environment. Doing your research ahead of time and finding the flooring that best meets your needs will make a big difference!

What type of flooring do you have in your home? What do you love about it? What do you hate about it? Leave us a comment and give us the details!

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