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Redesigning your space

There are always home improvement projects that can be undertaken, whether you’re looking to update an outdated room, add your own personal flair to your home, make a room or appliances more accessible or efficient, or fixing structural issues. The home renovation and design business is booming. Over half of homeowners, 53%, feel that there’s no better time than the present to begin the renovation and design process on their homes. And the vast majority of homeowners who are looking to build or remodel are willing and able to spend even more in 2015 than what was spent on home improvements in 2014. The exciting part of renovation and design is the idea of a blank canvas. Tearing down to create something completely new and fresh. So what are some themes that might work in your home?

House renovation design ideas

  • A brand new bathroom
    The National Association of Home Builders says that bathroom remodeling is the most frequently requested job in the country, taking up 78% of all renovations. Everybody wants a nice, clean and comfortable space for a bathroom. Some common themes include beach or nautical decor, of which there is no shortage. And while it is popular, there are always things you can do to put your own twist on a classic. You could frame large prints of a favorite beach you’ve visited, or find an artist who speaks to your personal style to decorate the walls. Or perhaps you prefer something more simple and chic. Clean bold lines using black and white makes a small space feel bigger, and you could add further pop by adding a single red flower or a painting with other simple, bright patterns.
  • A clean, cute kitchen
    The second most popular home improvement project would be kitchen renovations, accounting for 69% of projects. Many homeowners are drawn to the open floor plans that allow the kitchen and dining room, and sometimes even the living room, to be part of one large space. This can be good for large families that have a lot going on at once, or older or handicapped individuals who need something easier to navigate, or even for those individuals who just don’t like to feel boxed in. Lighter colors are usually good choices for paint in the kitchen, but splashes or hints of darker, bolder colors can give the room a more modern feel. The kitchen can be a good place to incorporate subtle themes that might tie in to other rooms. Unique cabinet or drawer pulls can add your personal style without making the space cluttered or overrun with decorations.

Make it you

Whatever style, paint, and decor choices you do make, remember that it’s a place you will be spending a lot of your time, and where you want guests to feel at home.

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