Are you ready for the summertime yet? We sure are! Make the most out of the season by getting outside and soaking in the sunshine! When the cold subsides, it’s usually time for “spring cleaning,” but why stop there? We would now like to introduce the novel concept, “summer cleaning.” This broad category can include anything from pool deck washing to setting up a volleyball net in your backyard for parties. Are you not sure what your summer cleaning should consist of? This video gives plenty of thrifty DIY ideas to spruce up your home for the summertime.

From obstacle courses for kids to beer coolers for the adults, there’s countless ways to decorate and re-do your yard. One of the most popular yard trends right now is the addition of Edison bulb string lights to patios or even across trees! Feel free to turn your backyard into a starry wonderland once the sun goes down, but be careful to not create a fire hazard.

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Don’t ever stop improving your home, even when all you want to do is bask in the sun’s rays for countless hours.


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