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A rat problem may call for the help of an exterminator service. This video shows how a pest controller solves one woman’s rat problem so she can enjoy her garden in peace.

The first thing the exterminator does is to sit down and speak with the resident about when she sees the rat. Since he does not live in the home himself, he needs inside information on when the rat comes around. This will save him the trouble of trying to go out and find it on his own.

Sometimes the information may not be particularly relevant. In this case, the exterminator has to go out and investigate for himself. He surmises that the rat feeds on litter left in the garden and uses the fence for cover.

The exterminator spots telltale holes and litter from a fast food restaurant up the road. It’s likely the rat foraged for the food and came back to eat it in the solitude of the garden.

The exterminator then uses poison that will only affect the rat. He places it in a hole he finds in the garden and under a shed. This will eliminate the rat for good.

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