Packing and moving services

Home moving tips are plentiful – just do some searching online and you can find myriad moving organization tips, specific moving day trips, packing for moving tips, etc. There’s no shortage.
But you may want to consider a few things before you even go ahead and make that crucial decision that’s going to be so high impact. Here are some preliminary ideas about deciding to move and minimizing the impact of the process.

  • The Big Purge
    Go through all the clothes. If you haven’t worn it in a year, it’s going. You can consign or attempt to sell your higher end clothes, but if you don’t really need the extra dough or don’t care so much about it, donating is faster and easier. Use a similar mentality for other things: appliances, decorations, even furniture: does it make sense? Are you suing it? Or is it just taking up space?

  • Quality Moving Service
    Suss this out before you even give notice: how much money do you have for the physical move itself? Not the housing on the other end, not the new stuff you may want to buy when you get to your new place, but the actual cost of paying a service to move your stuff. Price out your options, and be sure to calculate insurance. Be very careful, since insurance policies vary wildly and may only cover items by weight. Find out about purchasing additional insurance from a third party and factor that into the cost. This way, you know what you need to spend, and it will be very clear if you can actually afford the move or not. Check with the Better Business Bureau, ask friends and check online reviews as well — use a local mover, or a national service? These are all things that need to be weighed out. And don’t spend money moving something that’s going to jack up the cost when it could cheaply be replaced on the other end. Have a ready list of questions to ask moving companies when you’re weighing your options.

  • Advance Prep
    Figure on starting the process over a month out, so make your to do lists well in advance and use all the home moving tips you can find. If there’s a freight elevator to be reserved, that requires advance notice, you’ll need an insurance certificate, etc. Line your ducks up and be organized like never before – you’ll be so thankful when moving day is smooth sailing, or at least something closer to that than what it could have been since problems almost always arise.
    There are plenty of home moving tips around online. These should provide a general guide for the very basic, beginning steps.
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