With all the focus on green energy and sustainability these days, there is a lot of talk going on about residential solar power and going solar. But what does that even mean, and what are the benefits to a homeowner for putting solar panels on their home? This insightful YouTube video helps break down this complicated and still somewhat controversial topic and makes it easier to understand.

From the basics of how the panels work to the pros and cons of residential solar, this video is a great introduction to this new and rapidly growing craze.

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If you have thought about tapping into solar energy and using the power of the sun to offset your energy use then this is a great video to start with.

As more and more people embrace the idea of sustainable and green energy solar power will become more mainstream. Tapping into this sustainable and eco-friendly form of energy now can greatly pay dividends in just a few years when everyone is scrambling to tap into solar power. Get started now and begin reaping the benefits of residential solar energy.

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