Zero-Turn mowers are well worth it if you can find good mower package deals for them. These mowers provide the perfect balance of maneuverability and power to get the job done quickly and effectively. The best feature of a zero-turn is in fact the ability for them to turn on a dime.

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However, this can also be a weak point as well if you don’t know how to turn properly. Many people over-utilize the zero-turn capability and end up tearing their grass. In this video, you will learn how to avoid this mistake.

The most common mistake with zero-turn is turning tightly at the end of your mowing line. This puts a lot of force on where the inside wheel meets the ground. This friction often results in torn grass. This can make you or your customers unhappy. Thankfully, this mistake can be easily avoided. When you come to the end of your line, take the corner more slowly and not as sharply. This will distribute the friction over a larger amount of grass over a longer period of time. The result will be a flawless looking lawn.


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