In the last video, you discovered what custom window treatments require and things you need to know about window drapery. Now, in this Part 2 of the Ninja Series video by Lisa Holt Design, you’ll learn that window blinds also necessitate a lot of work and can be just as daunting as installing draperies.

Most people neglect the windows in their homes and just decorate them with whatever drapes or shades they can find in the store. What they don’t know is that it’s fairly easy to transform the home when you decorate your windows with the right style of blinds.

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And that is what you’ll be learning in this instructional video.

Decorating your windows with blinds, coverings, treatments, or shades may sound like an easy thing to do. However, it can be pretty challenging for most homeowners since not everyone is born with a flair for interior design.

Don’t fret! This video can help you tackle the task like a pro.

So, click on the play button and make sure to jot down notes because you’ll be seeing all kinds of tips regarding window treatment and design for your home. In no time at all, you can be a master at designing all the windows in your home – even the one in the garage!


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