Jack pads

If you’ve recently purchased an RV, you want to make sure that you have all the right equipment, like jack pads, ground mats, and more. Being caught unawares and having that, “I wish I had thought about that!” moment is never fun mid-trip! You want to be as prepared as possible before you go on your trip. It’ll keep you from being stressed out and let you enjoy more of your trip. So what sorts of things might you want to bring along if you’re preparing for an RV trip? Jack pads and ground protection mats, like mentioned before, are both practical items, especially if you’re traveling to rainy or damp climates. Both items will help protect your RV and make setting up and breaking down considerably easier. Travel smart and think ahead!
Who’s Going on RV Trips These Days?
The Recreation Vehicle Industry Association reports that almost nine million households have an RV these days. Common facts about an average RV owner include: he or she is around 48 years old, makes a little over $60,000 per year, own their homes, and spend disposable income on traveling, usually for at least three weeks at a time. This is all from research gathered by the Recreation Vehicle Industry. So, in summation, RV owners are usually middle to upper class, on the slightly older side, and with the time and money to spend on travel.
Those who like to camp often will bring an RV along, especially for an extended trip. RV campers tend to stay a bit longer — over 10% camp for a week or more than those who just bring tents. The American Camping Report in 2014 reported that over 15% of campers stayed in RVs. This is good news for campgrounds and RV parks, which in 2013 brought in around five billion dollars in revenue.
What Do Jack Pads and Ground Mats Do?
Both jack pads and ground mats are useful items to have along for your RV trip. Jack pads will keep your leveling jacks from breaking, by providing some cushion and flexibility. A good jack pad will also keep you from getting hopelessly stuck with smart load distribution, and cut down on buying flimsy pre-packaged ones that wear out soon after purchase. They’ll also keep you from leaving a mark on the campsite or area you were staying in, as the pad absorbs the pressure of the jack, and doesn’t let the jack penetrate the ground.
Ground mats can help you keep your RV cleaner — it’s so easy to just shake out the ground mat before you pack up and move on, instead of trying to clean out the inside of your RV. They also provide a good, dry surface to put chairs or a small table out on, if you wanted to enjoy the sun or eat outside. You won’t have to worry about getting wet or damp. They also help protect the earth — many ground mats are “breathable,” meaning they won’t suffocate the grass underneath. They also come in a variety of colors and sizes, you can customize to your liking.
What Else Should I Consider When Taking an RV Trip?
Having a full toolkit and some spare parts can get you out of many a pinch! It’s always a good idea to have some back up supplies on hand, just in case! Know what items you definitely need with you and what things you can probably leave at home. For example, you probably don’t need a lot of luxury food items, extra storage units, or your work gear. You’re supposed to be on vacation, after all! You should also know how many electrical appliances you can work at one time, to keep the RV up and running and you and your family safe! Planning ahead is definitely your friend as well — everything from a budget to your route stops.
An RV trip can be a whole lot of fun, with the right gear, attitude, and planning ahead, you might just start a vacation tradition that everyone will be begging to do again and again.

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