Lawns are difficult to care for independently. Many people have tried to just make sure that the grass is cut, and the plants get enough water. It’s still very easy to accidentally add too much water to the grass, which can harm the soil and make it less stable. Aerate services can assist you at that point. Still, maintaining the lawn from there might not be easy. Problems with weeds can develop almost immediately, especially if you aren’t able to monitor the lawn regularly enough. Weed eating services can do something when the weed situation gets out of control.

If you want your landscape to have the ultimate grass coverage, it takes lots of effort. The grass itself needs nutrients. That said, it’s certainly possible to saturate the soil with too many important minerals. You also won’t know for sure that the grass is absorbing everything. Essential plus 101 grass care can involve getting the soil tested. You can’t do that all the time, however. You’ll have to evaluate the results of essential 101 grass maintenance yourself some of the time, which involves taking some risks. Adding some more resilient plants to the yard can help you avoid bare soil problems.


When it comes to maintaining the value and comfort of your whole home, there are plenty of ways to keep the interior of your home looking great; many homeowners don’t realize, though, that lawn maintenance is just as important! Practicing good lawn care can add up to 28% of your home’s value over time, and that doesn’t even take into consideration the time that you’ll spend enjoying your own yard.

The cost-benefit analysis of lawn care services goes beyond the long-term ROI, however. So what exactly is the true cost of lawn maintenance, compared with the value returned to you? Take a quick look at the statistics below and you’ll get an idea:

  • According to data from the Lawn Institute, American homeowners spend about $6.4 billion annually on lawn services.
  • Clemson University researchers found that if you improve your lawn just a little bit in terms of lawn care condition and landscaping design, the value of your home increases almost instantly by around 6-7%.
  • Research also shows that homeowners aren’t too happy when the grass is greener on the other side — that is, the other side of the fence where their neighbors live! In order to gain and maintain the greenest lawn on the block, the average homeowner will have to pay around $7,000.

  • Planting trees in specific locations is one way to reduce your energy consumption, believe it or not. Trees that block out direct sunlight and wind can actually reduce your heating bill by 15% and your AC bill by 75%.
  • According to the U.S. Department of Energy, all you need to do is plant three trees in your yard in order to reap the benefits. Just three trees in optimized locations can reduce overall energy bills by $100-$250 per year.
  • Last but not least, what’s the real monetary value of feeling more relaxed? There’s no doubt that feeling less stressed is a major benefit of having a nice lawn. In fact, just looking at healthy trees for about five minutes can help your body relax.

The real cost of landscaping services is pretty easy to figure out; the real value of good landscaping isn’t quite so simple, but it’s definitely a worthwhile investment in many ways!

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