Whole house water filtration system

Clean, refreshing water is one of the most precious substances on the planet. Water is necessary for life to flourish, as a healthy adult can consume up to three gallons of water in a single day. However, there may be more than 2,100 known contaminates present in drinking water that is missed by city water filtration systems. Pure water should have a neutral pH of 7, so it shouldn’t be acidic or basic at all. Stay informed and take steps to install water filtration systems in your home or business.

The Truth Behind Home Water Systems
Naturally, a water purification system can help to filter out the harmful contaminates from your home’s drinking water. Your showers and bathtubs are affected by contaminates such as chlorine as well; homeowners can install shower filters to help remove such contaminates. These filters are not 100% effective however, and homeowners may opt to get a whole home water filtration system to ensure their drinking and bathing water is free from contaminates. As an added benefit, water-using appliances like hot water heaters, dishwashers, and washing machines will enjoy a longer service life due to the absence of contaminates.

It is not hard to determine whether your home’s water has contaminates in it. Those with wells may notice a rotten egg odor and taste produced by sulfur, which if left unchecked can turn copper pipes black and corrode other materials. Blackish stains on clothing and fixtures may reveal the presence of excess manganese in your water system. Most city water contains traces of chorine used in the treatment process. When heated, chlorine can release harmful vapors that can lead to several health defects along the road. Arsenic, on the other hand, is odorless and flavorless. Since arsenic is linked to skin disease and cancer, your family may want to consider looking into an arsenic removal system. Installing an arsenic removal system can filter out some of the more obscure and deadly contaminates in your water. Don’t go another day without clean water, look to water purification for a healthier way to drink.

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