Impact resistant

If you’re remodeling your home, doors are probably at the top of your list. The door is the entrance to your home. It is like your home’s face, and like your face, how you present it sends a certain message. It provides safety and security, yes, but there’s also a style element to be considered while remodeling.
We are absolutely in love with the idea of sliding doors. Sliding doors are the modern answer to so many remodeling problems, and beat out all other door options in the following arenas:
1. Sliding Is Trendy
Sliding glass doors give the impression of indoor/outdoor continuity. They don’t say “stay boxed in” but invite you to go outside. They’re like picture windows with a purpose. Sliding doors are elegant and remind you why you pay your ridiculous property taxes: for that English garden that you can see, of course!
2. Sliding Is Space Efficient
A typical front or back door is over six feet tall by three feet wide and two inches in width! Most annoyingly, it has hinges, meaning every time you open it the whole giant contraption must swing on these hinges into or out of your home, rendering all the space in its opening and closing radius dead space. Sliding doors fold into themselves. They are lighter, more compact, and free up space to the left, right, front, and back of itself, so that the next time you have to drag all the patio furniture inside, you can without wondering if you’ll accidentally put a hole through your drywall.
3. Sliding Doors Let The Light Shine In
It is one of the greatest ironies of our consumer culture that the best accessory to any home–natural light, is both free and yet so hard to come by. We box ourselves in so efficiently with our wallpaper, curtains, and Persian rugs that we forget what a little Vitamin D can do for decor. Sliding doors provide the option of full sun without letting in the rain. Speaking of…
Awesome Special Features To Consider
We’ve thought about it and the only real reservation you could possibly have about sliding doors is security. After all, natural light is great and all, but what about during the next big storm? As it turns out, modern technology has already thought circles around this problem. Most sliding doors come equipped with break-resistant safety glass options that can withstand category 5 storms as well as wood, vinyl or aluminum gaskets specially made to stand up to gale force winds.
Face it. Out of the hundreds of little remodeling decisions before you, we’ve sealed the deal on this one. You can cross it off your list. Go ahead, just write “get sliding doors” at the bottom there and move on with your day. You’re welcome.

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