Floor covering

What’s the most important aspect of your home to improve and remodel? Is it home security through installing high-quality metal windows or is it energy conservation with a new solar panel roof? While all of these are popular options, yet more homeowners are looking up the benefits of carpet installation to cure what ails them. Everyday problems, such as stubborn allergens and frustrating cleaning, can be managed and even eliminated with a better quality carpet or new hardwood flooring. Not convinced? Look below as I list the top reasons you should call for carpet and flooring installation today.

Homeowning Favorites

While not all houses are built the same, some aspects are considered more important than others! A recent survey saw at least 38% of homeowners choosing to carpet their master bedroom, citing comfort and cleanliness as their top reasons. Another survey found hardwood as the most popular material, due to its quality sheen and minimal maintenance. The vast majority of homeowners at 90% prefer hardwood or tile flooring in their kitchens and dining room areas, with 54% of potential home buyers admitting they’d pay more for a home with hardwood flooring.

Reduce Allergies, Clean Less

Did you know certain carpets can reduce allergies? It’s true! A study in Sweden found that reducing your reliance on carpets can decrease allergies by as much as 30%, as carpets are a well-known breeding ground for moisture, bugs, dander and more. If you find yourself often suffering from mold or pollen sensitivity then it’s as simple as switching to hardwood, tile or specialized hypoallergenic rugs. Even the size of the carpet can reduce labor on your end — while thick carpets retain more heat, thin carpets are easier to clean overall.

Buying The Right Carpet Padding

Communicating your particular situation (whether you have allergies, own pets or have children) will help hardwood flooring installation specialists find the ideal material for your home and everyday needs. Carpet paddings designed for your average residence usually come between five and eight pounds per cubic foot, being generally 1/2 inch at the thickest and as thin as 1/4 of an inch. Installing a new floor can take a few days at the very most, depending on the size and complexity. Whatever you need, the benefits of carpet installation are gifts that keep on giving. Call your local professional carpet installation professionals and ask how your home could be improved!

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