Metal frame residential windows

Today?s top home design styles pull inspiration from the past with a modern twist. The look of old, vintage materials juxtaposed against ultra-modern elements create an interesting blend of textures and patterns. There has been a recent trend in converting old industrial warehouses into living spaces; home owners utilize the natural beauty of old brick and steel windows in these buildings to create an entire design aesthetic around them.
The focus has shifted to this design style, which includes a lot of glass and metal components against rustic exposed finishes and industrial features and fixtures. If you don?t have the means to completely transform an old warehouse into a loft apartment, there are still ways to bring the same feel into your home. The minimalist, mechanical style can be achieved by installing metal windows, more specifically steel windows. Steel windows and doors have drastically increased in popularity as the industrial architectural style has taken the design world by storm.
Steel windows and doors come in many different styles and finishes. Residential steel windows can be specially designed and fitted to your space, so you can simply replace existing metal windows and doors or start fresh with total home construction. The design possibilities don’t stop there: you can select a steel color treatment that matches your specific style, or to mimic the weathered look that is so popular.
When it comes to floor plans, the openness of a loft space can be recreated with large steel windows with slim sightlines. The strength of steel can accommodate heavy panes of glass for floor-to-ceiling window installations. Steel windows and doors allow natural light to saturate a space. The result is light, clean and minimal, fitting perfectly with today’s top home trends.
Thinking about giving your home a total overhaul? Install steel windows and doors for lasting strength that never goes out of style.

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